• Sheryl Stone

Well here we are again! I want to say WELCOME I am glad you are here! Perhaps hearing this will get old to you, but not to me! Thanks for checking in on the camp to see what we are upto.

As you look out the window to see the changing of the leaves, the shorter days and a little bit chillier nights, it makes me think WOW change is good. We are fortunate here in Alberta to have such amazing seasons with such definite changes in each one. Reminding us through each season that change is ever happening. Yes change is good. It can be hard especially in times of uncertainty but we all must lean into Psalm 33:4 For the word of the Lord is right and true; he is faithful in all he does. Remind ourselves that He is faithful in all that he does. That in every season of our lives He will be right there with us carrying out what is right and true.

As Mulhurst Camp moves into another season we continue to reflect on the last 75 years. 75 years of fellowship in nature coming together to share, love and be with one another. The Lord has continued to be faithful to us in all that he does. Blessing us with such amazing individuals who want to continue to share our beautiful “place in the Son”. Without change we would still be a piece of land by the lake. Rather we are so much more to so many! A place of peace, quiet, gathering, learning, caring and giving.

For everyone these past 6 months have been anything but ordinary. Many finding it hard to figure out what good has come from this change. But He is faithful in all he does and we here at the camp were able to see that so many of you want us to continue to be a part of your lives. Whether it was through check in phone calls, coming out to be a part of building a playground, putting a new twist on being a summer staff or how we would present summer programs online. We were given the opportunity to slow down a few notches and just be, I believe that was one of the best gifts of these last six months. We have recognized Mulhurst Camp is just the place to slow down and just be... a “place in the Son.” That whatever changes come our way Mulhurst Camp will continue to be here for you all to take a moment and slow down and just be.

  • Sheryl Stone

Thank you Nick R (Mushoe) for this write up!

As the end of the summer camp season draws to an end I look back upon it with a smile. While we may not have had campers at camp, the summer staff still managed to fill the camp with laughter, joy, energy, and love. These individuals managed to step up during such a strange summer and really embrace our summer's theme “This Changes Everything”.

This year we did camp-in-a-box. These boxes were packed full of everything needed to follow our online curriculum (and some extra stuff like a t-shirt designed by the staff). It gave you the supplies you needed to follow our crafts (paper, tissue paper, glue, string, plastic sheets, foam hearts and more!) a bible, a handwritten letter from the staff, and some extra fun stuff that was donated such as bubbles and glow sticks. This was our focus for the summer, creating an engaging experience for everyone to enjoy! I personally think that the summer staff did an amazing job at reaching this goal and the videos are all posted on our Youtube channel “Mulhurst Camp”!

A few years ago the Program lead (Cobbs) would always say to the parents “thank you for sending your kids to camp. If it wasn’t for them we would just be a bunch of adults running through the field in costumes”. I never expected to experience a summer like that but I always was curious on how true that statement would be, and I can tell you now from first hand experience, it was spot on.

This year was a growing experience for all involved at the camp, we had the opportunity to get the foundations of our online presence set and help improve the camp in many ways. Overall it was an amazing summer and it really solidified something I always believed. Mulhurst summer camp isn’t a location, sure we have the main lodge, cabins, firepit area, and everything else. Mulhurst camp is so much more than buildings, it's the people. Me and the staff had the chance to see many of those people this year (obviously keeping physically distanced). We got to see all the hard work and hours dedicated to making Mulhurst camp the place we all believe it is; a place in the son.

I want to thank everyone who made this summer as amazing as it was. So much love and passion is poured into this camp each year and sometimes it goes unappreciated. This year taught me just how much I underestimated how much work goes into summer camp. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work.

Summer Program Lead,

Nick R

  • Sheryl Stone

Well I am glad you made it here again! Last time we were here I had said that I had hoped that every couple weeks we will have myself or a guest writer here. My hopes are that this “Son Spot” will fill you. Fill you with memories, educational bits, happenings around here, God’s love or just a smile!

Today I bring you an update on happenings! We have had an incredible time gathering together both summer staff and volunteers to put together our long awaited playground. Funds were raised last year, installation was going to be in the spring but were delayed due to COVID. In July we decided we could gather together outside and put up the playground. It was delayed two weeks due to shipping issues. Nevertheless everything arrived and we began putting the structure together at the beginning of August in +30 weather. We then continued the next day through continuous rain, the last day of installation was perfect with a magnificent storm in the evening! Which led us into some muddy situations for pouring the cement the next day.

Let me tell you something though. If you didn't already know, Mulhurst is blessed with some amazing volunteers and staff! Something else I want to share with you. That combined people hours from the beginning of dirt work, to the middle of lunch prep, to the final of sand installation there will be over 350 hours of love and effort put into this playground! SO if you ever wanted to be surrounded by people with a smile on their face, someone who is there to make a difference in a community, to get in there and get it done, then you need to join us here for our next volunteer venture! Look at what we can accomplish! And WE can not say THANK YOU enough!

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